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My old Vizio began to exhibit image jitter in the lower half of the display so last week I purchased an LG OLED55C9AUA, which updated itself to WEBOS 04.71.05 after initial power-on.

The HDMI input I was watching today is a Comcast RNG110 set top box, standard definition channel 7 (the picture looked correct in 4:3 ratio inset in a black rectangle around it). However, I had set the aspect ratio to 16:9 on the first day of ownership, and accepted the unnatural wideness of the image.

While watching, I was exploring the aspect ratio and changed it from 16:9 to "Original", hoping the TV is smart enough to auto-select the best aspect ratio for the program. After a few minutes, the aspect ratio spontaneously switched from 16:9 with black bars at the top and bottom to a zoomed in view with no bars, and moments later, switched back to 16:9. It couldn't decide which ratio to stick with, and spontaneously switched back and forth intermittently. I changed the ratio to 4:3 to get the picture to settle. After a few minutes, I needed to know if the TV had a serious problem that I had to have addressed, so I played with "Original" and 16:9 but the spontaneous switching did not recur (the picture stayed in 16:9 while set to "Original"

Anyone have this spontaneous aspect ratio switching issue and found a remedy?

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