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Splitting tv signal around house


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Help please.
I have an 8 way splitter/amp and have come out of my sky+ RF2 output into it but the signal received in allother rooms is very poor and can not get most Freeview channels.
My loft aerial cable goes into the sky box.
I have switched on the power to RF2 and no better and I have also tried coming out of Sky RF1 into splitter and still no better.

The picture quality on BBC 1 & 2 and ITV is OK (not great) but channel4 & 5 is unwatchable when switching the tv's to Freeview some channels are watchable but others poor or non existant.

Should I try switching my sky channel from 68 to something else or would thatnot make a difference?

Has anyon experienced this please.

Many thanks


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If your roof aerial is feeding directly into your Sky box then there shouldn't be an issue. There are a couple of possibilities in that the loft aerial you are using either doesn't have the require reception or isn't as powerful as the usual roof aerial. Also, how many TV's are you powering from the one Sky box? I had a similar set up where I had roof aerial into Sky box then cable from RF2 to a signal amplifier splitter than powered 2 other TV's. You will gettsignal degredation if you are trying to power a lot of TV's from one box unless you amplify the signal that is being sent. If you are just using a splitter that might be why you're not getting signal strenght??

I used one of these SLx 27820BM 4 Way Aerial Amplifier with Digital By-Pass: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics


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I need to plug 5 tv's in the amp but at the moment there are only 2 plugged in and its poor.
I have been told to take the tv aerial out of the sky box and put onto the amp as sky box does not eally need the aerial feed and then come from RF2 to the DAB in on the amp so I get sky to the other rooms, will try that tonight see if it works.

I am not sure about the aerial quality, it looks like its been installed a while so might change that as well they are only cheap nowdays.


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It depends if you want your other TV's to also have Sky as well as Freeview or if you just want Freeview? If you just want Freeview then yes plug the loft aerial directly into the splitter and bypass the Sky box although this means that the other TV's won't show Sky? If you want to show Sky and Freeview then you would need to run the loft aerial through the Sky box. The other way would be to buy a splitter that allows you to plug both the loft aerial and cabel from RF2 into it which would then send both signals to your respective TV's??


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Found out yesterday my ariel booster is no longer boosting and looking for a replacement. I was advised SLx best but on looking on Amazon I am confused which to get and I have also been looking at one other one which seems to boost the signal by 20db, which confuses me even more. They all seem to have good reviews on Amazon, the three I am looking at are:-

SLx 27820BM 4 Way Aerial Amplifier with Digital By-Pass: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics
SLx 27820R 4-Way Aerial Distribution Amplifier: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

My set up at the moment is that the ariel comes in though upstairs bedroom and there it plugs into the booster and feeds to one tv/freeview in that room, 1 tv/freeview in the next room and 1 tv/hd freeview to downstairs room, I did have it connected to a 4th tv/freeview in another bedroom but currently not connected as using an av sender to get the sky upstairs.

Which of the above 3 will best suit my purposes or is there something better?


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