Splitting the Signal

Ivor the Engine

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A totally dumb question, but can I split the feed from my aerial so that it will go to two / three rooms instead of the current one? And if so, what side effects may there be?

I should have a better understanding of these things but could do with a few pointers. :confused:

Chris Muriel

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You can split the incoming signal with either a passive or active splitter.
A passive splitter means that you will lose some signal strength (3 dB or more attenuation for each split).
An active one tries to boost (amplify) the signal to compensate for this - although you need one with the lowest noise figure possible so that the amplifier adds minimal degradation (in terms of noise) to the signal.
You could search this forum (or elsewhere) for "active splitter" to check out specifications of UK-available active ones. One with variable gain would cost more but allows you to adjust for best results in terms of gain versus the possibility of overload - too much signal can be a problem in strong signal areas.
I hope this sets you off in the right direction.

Chris Muriel, Manchester

Ivor the Engine

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Makes some sense. Would you be brave enough to recommend a product / products which would be a good starting point?

I'm looking to locate it under the floorboards between my lounge and basement. Would this work?



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Any amp with a noise figure under 3dB should be fine. :)
Needs to be close to the aerial, otherwise you'll be amplifying noise from the cable.

Ivor the Engine

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Does that suggest it needs to be on the roof. The aerial currently trails along the tiles and down the front face of the house. I would guess that the amp would be located approximately 15metres from the aerial. Too far?


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If the aerial is trailing as you describe it then you need to get someone to put it back on the chimney! If you mean that the cable trails down the tiles, you need to get someone up there to clip it in place before water gets into it! Cable should always be secured every foot or two to prevent abrasion of the outer sheath. If water runs down inside the cable it will destroy whatever is connected to the cable.

The amp should be within 2 metres of the aerial. It can be on the mast or in the roof space below it. The cable should obviously be the proper double-screened stuff for Freeview. If it isn't, this could be a good time to change it.

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