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I have just bought a new HD TV with built-in Freeview Aerial.

I have a single aerial connection into our property. Currently this is connected into a Manhattan T3 PVR, which has a RF loop out that is plugged into a Raspberry Pi with a USB Dual Tuner in it. The Manhattan is connected to the TV via an HDMI cable.

What would be the best way to split the aerial so that the TV, Manhattan and Pi can each have their own connection, without loss of signal? The Freeview signal (coming from Rowridge) seem pretty strong for the majority of channels.

I have read reviews of various aerial splitters but most look 'cheap and cheerful'.


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If the incoming signal is very strong you shouldn't have much problem, most splitters will give approx 3.5 - 5dB loss. If you split with a cheapo splitter and have issues you will need a distribution amplifier.


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It can't be done without loss of signal, or the addition of amplifier noise. Either could affect reception adversely.

Passive inductive splitters at UHF frequencies lose almost precisely 4dB of signal - just over half (=3dB). {Or if extremely old resistive design splitter they lose 6dB.}

Cheap enough to try: 2-Way Splitter Metal T Splitter or PROception Wideband TV & Satellite Splitter 2 Way

Aerial -> splitter IN -> and splitter OUTs -> pvr and TV
Aerial -> pvr -> splitter IN -> pi and TV

As the PVR has a low-gain amplifier in the loop through circuit.

Get an all metal style for best screening.

IF you get pixellation problems on some channels with the splitter, a low gain (+8dB max!) distribution amplifier-splitter may be needed, or a better aerial installation.

NB Rowridge is both Horizontal and Vertical polarisation:
Horizontal: PSBs are 200kW erp, COMs only 50kW (-6dB) and COM7, HD temporary, 25kW (-9dB).
Vertical: Both PSB and COMs are 200kW erp but zero for COM7.
Local TV is lower power, H only, but a more robust (easier to receive) transmission parameter.

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