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Okay, please bear with me. I don't know any technical jargon, and may have a tough time understanding answers or explaining my intent.

Having said that, I am looking at acquiring a PoE security camera system. I have sent emails to several sellers asking if there is a way to split the output feed from the cameras to two different monitors. The back of the NVR box has an HDMI output, and I have a couple of older LED flatscreens in the 32" range that I plan to use for monitors. Is there such a thing as an HDMI splitter that I can plug into the NVR box, and connect two different monitor screens in two different rooms? Where would I find and buy such a thing if it exists, and what sort of "splitter" would I need?

I can give more details on the camera systems I'm looking at, if anyone asks, but it's only the information from the Amazon and Ebay listings. None of the sellers are very helpful when it comes to technical-type questions like this.



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Perhaps another approach? With QVRPro I install the app on any device that I wish to view my cameras. Windows, Android phone, iPad, firetv...


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Is there a web app for your NVR ? I can connect a tablet to my NVR that I can carry around the house if needed and also gives me control to view alerts, control cameras, etc. Another alternative is to view the feed directly from the cameras using a tools like Onvifer, that bypasses the NVR.

Otherwise as people have said you can get HDMI splitters. How far is the second monitor, you will need to consider the length of HDMI cable.

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A simple Amazon Basics HDMI splitter is all you need (assuming both monitors support the same resolution and refresh rate). Something like this

Amazon product

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