splitting an HDMI to 2 projectors from a computer


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Ok, I have a question. I know enough about A/V to be dangerous and am pretty well versed in Computers so I think I may have a solution to the problem but I want the experts advice.

Here is my setup first off: (1) Windows 7 with (2) Nvidia Gt520's, (2) Optima Eh1020 1080p DLP Projector With Hdmi, (2) sets of HDMI extenders over Cat5, (1) 1x2 HDMI splitter.

Ok, long story incredibly short. The church I work at hired a company to install a two projector setup over HDMI. The company was responsible for everything but the computer which I built. Due to multiple issues I let go of the company this week and began to get the system up an going correctly. In the 3 weeks since the installation has finished which took over a month (should have been first hint) we have replaced all the Cat5 lines as there were multiple places that had been cut due to it being forcibly pulled through the conduit, replaced a projector and replaced multiple splitters due to them not working.

The biggest problem is the splitter now. This signal consistently kicks in and out, or just doesn't work at all. After looking at the entire setup, Im pretty sure, in fact positive from even the little knowledge of A/V that a simple HDMI splitter will not work on a computer due to the lack of an EDID. Plus since the setup already features a HDMI over Cat5 setup the use of an independent splitter seems dumb so this brings me to the actual question.

In my searches online for a slitter with an EDID I came across an HDMI over Cat5 splitter that is HDCP capable and an EDID. So would this be a correct solution to my problem? http://www.conversionstechnology.com/HDMI-2-Way-Splitter-Extender-over-CAT5e-p/ct60s-s2.htm

Thanks ahead of time!
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A decent quality 1x2 DA with programable EDID would be a good start ( http://www.tmfsolutions.co.uk/Octava_HDDA12A-UK.htm) though even then you may also require a device such as the Gefen HDMI or DVI detective - these act as an always on Sync and stop your PC graphics card going to sleep!

We supply lots of the Gefen units for installs where a PC is being used in presentations.

I'd avoid any single CAT solution which doesn't use HDBaseT or HDBaseT-lite as otherwise you have no idea how the manufacturer is getting HDMI down a single wire (not possible without some serious fudging with the signal!)


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