Splitting Aerial Lead


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I need to split the signal from my aerial from the socket in my living room to three different devices in my AV rack.

I've tried a signal booster that has three outputs and a cheap 3 way splitter that plugs into the socket in the wall. Both methods produce far too much interferance compared to the same piece of wire plugged directly between the wall socket and each of the devices.

Any suggestions for fixing this?

Mr Incredible

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If you use the 3 way booster and ensure you have well shileded RF cable, you should be absolutley fine. If you can use some lengths of the same cable as that which connects your Sky LNB to your sky box , then you will have no picture degradation. You'll be surprised how little the "off the shelf" fly leads have in the way of adequate shielding.


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Also check that you amp is not to close to the equipment and therefore just amplifying a lossy signal and even overloading the input stage of the equipment, causing an effect very much like poor quality signals.

Recommended Tv Cable, Webro WF100 all the way!!!!!


Mr Incredible

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Good point vex about overloading the input to the equipment.

Also Brian, I think one can assume much from the statement "cheap 3-way splitter". Use a quality one with perhaps F-Type connectors. Look at this example on ebay. Your original signal strength may be good enough to split without an amp if using quality splitter and cable.

For something as fundamental as signal qualty, spending a few pounds is well worth the expense IMO.
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