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I need to run two lengths of coax from a roof aerial to different parts of the house – lounge and bedroom. I’m thinking of splitting the cable in the loft, and running two separate lengths to the two points, but I understand this will weaken the signal strength, especially with digital. Here are a few questions on this.
Does this signal reduction only apply if both televisions are in use at the same time? If one is switched off, will the other be at the normal strength?
What is the best way of splitting the cable? A junction box in the loft, or two cables direct from the aerial?
If the signal isn’t reduced when one set is off, what would be the best junction box to use, and should the cable be soldered?
Are wall plates advisable where the cable exits the wall, or is it best to take the cable direct to the TV?
Thanks in advance for any advice.


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The signal is reduced , it doesnt matter if only one tv is on. Best to take one cable from the aerial and then put a splitter , a symple "Y" piece splitter will do if the signal is high enough , if not then probably best to use a masthead amp and power supply . Its always best to not use wall plates if you can , the less joints the less signal loss.


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Hi Ian,

I'd say try a simple splitter first, if that doesn't work you'll need something like this.

It needs a power supply but this can be taken off a lighting circuit if you know what you're doing (if not call an electrician)
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