Splitting a coax TV aerial cable


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Mar 9, 2002
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I have foolishly volunteered to sort out a friends recabling. Most of this is fine - apart from the coax TV aerial cable, as this is something I know nothing about.

The problem is that the cable currently runs up 3 storeys (it's a tall, thin house) with a connection only on the top floor, but I need to set-up a connection on the second floor. The cable is currently in a cable duct - but it is a total pain of epic proportions to add or replace cables in this duct due to the length of the duct.

Is it possible to split the coax cable and put on a T-piece or something so that it is possible to connect a TV both on the second and third floors? Any tips on how to do this (a) so it works, (b) so the signal quality doesn't suffer too much as a result?

I'm just talking about normal cable TV, not digital or anything like that.


Ok im an aerial installer , if there is enough signal you can just split the signal with a "y" splitter , if you have decent reception you can normally run two t.vs off one aerial , if the signal is border line you will have to think of some sort of amplification.
Try and get hold of a low loss splitter, they are a few pence more but worth it. I got mine from Tandy's but that was a few years ago, haven't a clue where to purchase one now, perhaps a search or installer09 could give you some contacts.
Good advice already given in this thread. A cheap splitter will incur a 3dB lossor more - half your signal ; you may , however, get away with it. If all else fails, you can get active splitters - but these require a power source (5 volts or 12 volts depending on the splitter) although they'll only draw a few milliamps of current.
A good passive splitter (which should certainly be your first option) will at least have termination resistors internally to balance the signals.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.
Bob is correct, i was trying to keep it as simple as possible although if you have enough signal it wont make any difference , have you got an excelent pic on all the channels at the moment?
To be honest, the picture quality looks as though it could be better, however I suspect this lies with the tele, since even with DVD the picture is not perfect.

Could someone give me a link to a suitable good-quality passive splitter on the web, so I know what I am looking for? The only one's I've seen so far are the sort where you connect a single coax in and then can connect two or more coax outs. This isn't really what I need (I think), since I need to split the cable in the middle - or should I split the cable, put coax connectors on the two loose ends and then use one of the coax splitters that I've just described?

What I've also seen is one of these thingies you mount in the wall with two coax connectors - can I use one of these to daisy-chain the connections, i.e. the cable from the aerial goes into the back of this, and the other bit of cable going to the final 3rd floor connector comes out the back?

Now the really stupid question - how do you fit a coax connector to a coax cable to get the best quality connection?


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