Split Sky HD - Second TV swtiches off first TV


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Im trying to find out if anyone has seen a similar issue to what Im experiencing. I have split my Sky HD signal into two using a NEET HDMI splitter. One signal goes to a Sony HDTV the other goes to a LG HDTV.

The signal to the LG is actually sent via HDMI Baluns (Again made by NEET) From the splitter it goes to a HDMI balun, across ethernet, into another balun and back to HDMI.

This set up works very well as both TVs are able to display the same HD picture.

All is well until I come to switch the LG tv off. When I do that it also switches off the Sony!

The splitter is mains powered as it wouldnt transmit a signal to either TV without it. The Balun near the LG could also be mains powered but isnt currently.

Im wondering if the fact that the Receiving Balun is currently unpowered causes it to generate some kind of spike in power at the Splitter when I turn off the LG TV. Enough to disrupt the signal enough to make the Sony to switch off.

I will test this out tonight, but seeing as Im stuck at work I thought Id see if you had heard of this before?

Many thanks


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Have you got CEC turned on (the feature that allows kit to communicate over HDMI) as this might be causing issues. Turn it off in both the Sony and LG sets to see if that fixes the problem.


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If thats the same thing as Theatre Sync on the Sony and SIMPLINK on the LG, then I believe both are off.

I'm basing this on the fact that Ive never switched them on, so am assuming that means they are off. I will check tonight to be sure.

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