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Split signal to 6 speakers with i dependant volume control


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Hi Everyone

New here and joined as I have a particular problem. I wanted to ask how I can split a single signal from an amp to go to 6 different speakers and have i dependant control of each speakers volume.

Thanks in advance.


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Volume control is fairly simple, search for speaker L-Pad, something like this on each speaker would do the job I think (they do higher capacity ones as well) -


The biggest issue will be making sure your amp will drive the speakers and this will depend on not only the amp capacity but also how you are connecting the speakers (series/parallel or combinations of). Can you provide details of the amp and the speakers you intend on using and how you plan on connecting them ?


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That is an unusual request. Could you develop your requirement. Are we talking public address? Stereo systems, ! surround sound?.


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You need 100V line for this.

Get a commercial type amplifier with a 100V line output. Here's a typical unit: https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Blank-Me...50058092&sr=8-10&keywords=100v+line+amplifier

Get speakers with 100V line inputs. Here's something as an example: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eagle-Line...1550058163&sr=1-7&keywords=100v+line+speakers Set the "tap" to 8W on each speaker in this case, as the amplifier is rated at 60W and with 100V line, the total wattage of the speakers as set with the switch cannot exceed the maximum amplifier power.

Fit one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/AMC-VC-30R...CS7T0Z0QMJT&psc=1&refRID=YP9EW3WE8CS7T0Z0QMJT for each speaker.

Cable from the amplifier to each controller and then to each speaker.

And that's it!

If you need more power, get a larger amplifier and more powerful speakers. You may also need higher rated volume controls, but 20W per speaker is actually quite loud. It would only be if you wanted disco levels that you might struggle.

The other approach is a multichannel amplifier and remote volume controls. Cloud make some excellent solutions to this - 6 x 120W Amplifier | Products | Cloud but it will be about 5x the price of doing the above. They also make all the traditional 100V line equipment as well.


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Thankyou all for the replies. Much appreciated. Basically it's for a restaurant where we have 12 speakers and they are all at different heights and distances from customers so need some way to control volume independently. There are 2 boxes I think called q400 or something and a nad amplifier. All the cables from each speaker is run into one room where all the equipment is. I will be in work 2moro and upload some shots and get the exact model of amp splitters and speakers.

The system just recently stopped working properly where sometimes some speakers go silent and sometimes the volume overall suddenly drops etc.

Thanks for all comments so far.

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