Split signal drain


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When I turn on my second amp, the output from the first (parallel low level split) droppes some, presumably because ohm was right.

Thats fine with just 2 amps.. cuz the combinations of on or off amps equals only 4 and 1 of the combos makes no sound.


Once I have 6, I don't want any of them to receive a lesser signal suddenly, and more critically, I dont want to over drive one when its the only one of the 6 that are on.

Please before you ask why this or why not that.. try to answer the basic question.. what device can turn one low level signal into say 4, without any of the 4 being affected by the consumption of any of the other 3. THEN I'll play who's smarter with you and you can chalk up another win.

A make and model for general home use would be great.

hopefully its ok to not be smart in order to ask something. My terms are likely misused.. its from lack of familiarity or education.


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You have a faulty amplifier or connection somewhere. Output impedance from the line driver should be very low, while the input impedance will be much higher.

Even if you were getting a 3db insertion loss, this should be consistent whether the amplifiers are switched on or off. If switching an amplifier on reduces another amplifier output, that's a fault you need to fix.

Audio distribution amplifiers are easy to find, but you really shouldn't need 1.

What amplifiers and equipment are you using? Please supply a connection diagram and model numbers.

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