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As alot of poeple seem to be struggling with this game(no idea why) Heres a load of Hints and tips - plus secrets that arent listed in the manuel.
Most of these are taken from the Gamefaqs message boards - so many thanks to those people.
If you know of any others please post



- Don't kill Mercs! Knock them out instead. [ 'sleeping' lasts for 10 seconds i believe ]
--Thermal vision can locate mercs in other rooms (see through walls)
-In ranking games you lose points for killing Mercs
-When they respawn after you kill them they come back with full gear [ oh no more mines! ]
- Remember, if you're above a Merc you can jump on top of him [ running jump or falling ] and knock him out with ease.
- Tread slow, if you move slow enough you can't be spotted if the Mercs are using motion tracking
- When you spot a Merc and have an open shot, shoot him and while he's being electrified hit him with a spy bullet. This tags the Merc and you'll be able to see him on radar.
--You can remove mercs proxy mines & spy traps (walk to them slowly and the remove option should show up) not sure for laser mines
--lights without the wire guard can be shot out
--Mercs cant see the laser beam from the Spies Gun, only the dot
--on warehouse, you can shoot the two glass doors at the spawn and go through them
--on schemerhorn, you can hack the camera system that guards the boiler room
--when walking across ceiling tile, you create dust that a merc can see down below, so walk slowly
--Spy Cameras allow you to hear your enemy's conversation if they are near the camera - hold white button
--binocs, you can lock onto enemies and hear their convos from there as well - hold white button
--when playing as a spy you can tell exactly what type of vision type a merc is using by the color of their visor (red=motion tracking, blue=EMF).
--On the Warehouse Level in Sector 2 there is a switch in the Tech Room. This will turn off the lights in Sector 2 leaving it dark.
--In Schemerhorn I think, there is a push button switch that can be activate on a wall. It shuts off the area via Steel drop gates. One of the hacking terminals is in there. Keep in mind there is still a duct or small passage way into that area. It would be to the Spy's advantage to push the switch.
--Mercs dont get alerted to the Neutralisation untill 30% of the time. So if its 8 seconds then they dont get alerted for under 3 Seconds. Giving you time to go back and too. So do it and run after 2 seconds and they wont know. But once you go over 3 seconds they will see it even if you stop then start again


- If you're being chased and you go around a turn and spot an extinguisher, wait around the corner for the Merc to come then shoot the can, the foam gets stuck on the Merc's mask, making it hard for him to see, that's when you elbow his ass or try to get behind him to grab him. [ note: the extinguisher must be across from you from the doorway ]
- Turn OFF your head gear. If you keep it on you'll glow like a lightbulb if he's using elec tracking. So go in the darkness and tread slow.
- If the Merc is semi-close, get even closer! Spys are good at close range. Use smoke grenades to take them out, or elbow him and try to get around.
- If the Merc is semi-far, run! Try to stay away from vents that don't offer any protection. One frag nade in there will take you out.
--hold white button to talk to mercs if you have him grabbed also if you have tagged him with spy bullets, zoomed in on him etc.
--If you hold X when taking out your gun as a spy, the laser won't appear on it. You can turn the laser on and off manually by pressing UP on the d-pad like a mercenary does
--Chaff grenades aren't just good for messing up cameras and motion detectors, they cause the mercenaries to experience static in their vision as if they were hit
--smokes put mercs to sleep if opened in the direction the merc is moving (aim for the feet)
--Some canisters will explode when shot, use the same tactic for proxy mines



- Mines are only good in akward spots. If you place them too close to the ND133's the more experianced Spys will spot them and disarm them.
- On maps like the Warehouse where the Spys come from one general area, stay in the back in the dark and scan the field with motion/elec till something pops up. [ i was able to destroy a guy in 1-on-1 using that technique ]
- Watch your crosshair. It tells you where sound is coming from. If you see your crosshair going off, stay still, look at your radar to make sure it isn't your partner, then stalk your pray.
- Tazer = good. You could use it infinite times, so if the Spy's in range, taz his ass.
- Spy traps aren't as useless as you think. Put them in akward spots, if a Spy goes past one, he'll get tagged and you'll be able to see him on radar.
--quick turn move double tap left or right on the left analog for a quick 180 degree turn
--stand still in the dark, the dark areas become brighter as your eyes adjust to it
--you can shoot through ceiling tiles - you can see dust fall if the spy is walking to quickly
--use the emp to find the spy's camera (if you hear it close to you)
--a good way to place mines or spy traps is by crouching and facing downward, often this allows you to place a mine out of a spy's sight, sometimes a spy trap will even stick "inside" an object, such as stair railing, so it's practically invisible to non-thermal vision
--On the Merc's reticle, the little triangles around the outside show direction of noise (forward, backward, right, left)
--when the little pie slice highlights top and bottom of the circle did you know this indicates whether the noise is above or below you - If the top half of the circle lights up they are above you. The bottom half is below you.
--Electromagnetic tracking on mercs only works when a spy is using either night vision or thermal vision(can see through walls) - you can still see them using this methed but only faintly.


- Try to keep your distance, Spys are good in close range.
- If he's in a vent, toss a frag nade in there.
- If you're chasing him, motion tracking is your friend.
- If he doesn't spot you, and you see him hanging from the ceiling, scope in on him and get a head shot [ 1 shot 1 kill ].
- If you happen to be in close combat, try to hit/charge him [ the A button ], if the attack connects it slows them down enough to unload on him.
--laser sight will "lock on" to spies, even if you merely sweep it over a dark area. You won't see the spy, but your laser will
--if you press A while moving forward, this sends spies flying - Charge move using the butt of your gun
--use your scope any chance you have, 1-2 shots while in the scope kills a spy, as apposed to a clip out of scope
--hold white button to hear the spy when he has been tagged by a spy trap or if you zoom in on him
--Spies can see all of the laser beam from the Mercs


Good post that :thumbsup:
I went online with this today got some kills in & broke some necks :laugh:

Pretty good game :)


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I got this as well.

Anyone up for a game tonight?

I'm over my overdraft limit at the moment so no beers for me for a while :(

XBL non-stop for a few weeks me thinks :smashin:

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