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Splinter Cell 2 Pandora Tomorrow - Get the Best picture

Discussion in 'Nintendo Forums' started by captaineyecatch, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. captaineyecatch

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    Feb 9, 2002
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    South of Heaven
    Very useful tip on getting the best possible picture on this great game - you dont need to have Component Hi Def TV - I'm using RGB cable and a 32inch TV and the picture looks much better using these settings(none of those weird pixelization problems) BUT if someone has the time to try out other setting on the game post here if you find any that are better.
    First posted on the Gamefaqs message boards.......

    If you are using Component Video cables to connect your Xbox to a high-quality flatscreen or HDTV, and if the TV has been calibrated to home theatre brightness/contrast standards, then you may experience major pixelization while playing Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow on its default options.

    The pixelization appears in dark locations as uneven shaded rectangles around the illuminated green lights on Sam Fisher's back, and also his eye-goggles.

    Here is the fix (tested with Component Video cables on a standard calibrated Sony WEGA)

    1. Do NOT adjust your TV (the problem is with the game, not your TV!)
    2. Pause the game
    3. Go to SC:pT's Options Menu
    4. Go to SC:pT's Video Menu
    5. Select SC:pT's Brightness option, set it to 78
    6. Select SC:pT's Contrast option, set it to 82

    Save your settings and play. Now you should have accurate shadow and light graphics. Note that this will naturally mean that dark corners will be DARK (duh) using normal vision, so no cheating. :)

    I haven't tested this for all locations of the game yet (I just got the game) but I thought it would be useful to post the info early to help out fellow gamers who have already been asking about this problem. If I find better settings later on, I will post them in this thread. Other people can do the same!


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