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Reviewed by Cas Harlow, 12th October 2010.
At best, Splice is a stylish bit of silly sci-fi horror entertainment. At worst it is just a derivative b-movie cross between The Fly and Species which neither offers the weight of the former, nor the fun of the latter. Coming from the Director of the superior Cube, I can see how fans would have expected much more, and it is disappointing that he has gone down such a formulaic route, signposting his way across already familiar territory – a wannabe cautionary tale about messing with nature and the horrific consequences, plagued by clichéd characters who do predictably stupid things to progress a trite and hackneyed plot. I’m not sure why I expected anything more – this is how all of these kinds of movies turn out – but if there was any new Director who could have taken it in a different direction, I thought it could have been Vincenzo Natali. Unfortunately, the reality is that he just didn’t bother to make the most of the high-concept premise, and the subsequent threat and suspense is dwindled away by an inability to relate to the dumbest smart-guy characters ever, and their frustrating, successively illogical actions. Less uneasy shock and awe, and more unintentionally funny, you are plagued by the feeling that ‘this is just going to go wrong’ during every single scene, and it just gets tiresome. If you wanted intelligent, original storytelling, Splice is not the right place to come, as it is largely just a slick but redundant splice itself of ultimately better genre entries.

On Region A-locked US Blu-ray we get good video and audio – nothing exceptional, but nothing to complain about either – and a distinct lack of extras, making this a solid buy for fans, and a respectable rental for those who like the sound of this sci-fi horror. Just don’t expect any decent philosophically contemplative sci-fi strands, or any particularly noteworthy horror element, or – indeed – anything which you likely haven’t seen before. A perfectly watchable genre entry, but far from what it had the potential to be. Enjoyable, entertaining, but ultimately disappointing and relentlessly predictable.
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