SplashDVD - DEAD

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Well I don't expect it'll affect their service. :devil:


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yeah and whats the chances any of them will be shipped? It was hard enough to get them shipped when they were open for business :rotfl:

With the amount of complaints the relevent authorities would have received in previous weeks and months about them, I wouldnt be surprised if this played a part in them deciding to close too.


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[Swear word deleted by Mod] owe me a fifty on orders.

jersey Trading Standards have already replied to me

"Unfortunately when a company ceases to trade no one gets any notice and it is the Directors whom make that decision. You are quiet right - consumers are on the bottom of the list when it comes to creditors.

My advice to you is to contact your credit card provider - tell them Splash have ceased trading and ask them for a refund of monies paid. Not good news I know."

F G Evans

I checked their site at 11.50 am this morning and it was still open, i am still waiting to receive "once upon a time in the west" from them.

It gives other retailers a bad name


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May I ask why this is in the "dvd bargains and special offers" section??? As its not either of them by a long shot.

Theres another thread in the dvdtalk section aswell..:rolleyes:



I was looking at the site this afternoon and tried calling them about the money they owe me on an order I made on the 21st January. I always seem to be at number 25 when i call and never get further than 24. Probably all the irate people whose money they have taken and then ignored.

Luckily it's only a fiver for me, but this company has been heading down this route for a long time, they are appalling and deserve to have gone bust.

Doesn't help the poor people who have lost money though (especially ones like me who use a debit card as opposed to a credit card........ that'll teach me!)

Greg Hook

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Closed as there is already a thread on this in the DVD Talk section.

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