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Has anyone here used splashdvd.com?

Theyve got a few albums I want at VERY good prices, but Ive never heard of them before today, are they Ok?



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Do a search mate you'll find most ppl steer clear as you might have to wait a while before they usually get delivered.
Great prices but lowsey delivery and service:(


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Oh dear, just had a search on here for splashdvd :eek:

Why cant a retailer offer good prices, a wide choice and good service?! Is it so much to ask!? :mad:

Thanks for stopping me from making a mistake :clap:



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Never had a single problem with them.

Delivery has always been within three days of ordering :smashin:



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The delivery is usually what it states on the item, some items say between 1-3 weeks so you cant expect that within 4 days. The ones that say within 24 hours you should receive in about 3 days.


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I've bought several things from Splashdvd and whilst the delivery isn't the fastest, I've always received the items within a reasonable time. I think you'll find that one of the main reasons for the slow delivery is down to the length of time the Royal Mail takes to deliver from Jersey (where Splashdvd is based).

One DVD I bought got scratched by my kids about a day after I got it. I sent it back (a bit cheeky I know) asking for a replacement, and one came back within a week without any questions asked, so I can say that my experience of their customer service has been a good one.

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