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Dec 4, 2002
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I ordered 'The Pianist' 2-disc title in Splash's recent sale.

Well I recieved it through the post today and am extremely perplexed. I opened it up to find only one disc, I didn't know the Pianist even came in single disc form. :mad:

I'm wondering may I have been sent a high-grade pirate copy? The DVD was shrink wrapped?

I'm going to get back to Splash about this as I had specifically ordered the 2-disc set but if anyone could give me some ammunition I'd be most grateful.

Also: I tried putting the EAN number into DVD profiler and it wasn't recognised. The EAN no. is as follows: 050 582 197 044.

Has anyone else who ordered the Pianist from them recieved this version?
Well Splash list 2 different versions - looks you've come across the limited release 1 disc version unfortunately. :(
i got a one discer, it was a good film but terrible picture. also no inside chapter listing or anything

I know they have 2 versions on their site but the point is the one I ordered is definitely the 2-disc version as that is what the catalogue number from my e-mail matches to!

Looks like I'll have to get it sorted out from Splash. Grrrr :thumbsdow
Originally posted by buns
i got a one discer, it was a good film but terrible picture. also no inside chapter listing or anything


Yep that's the one I've got - no inside chapter listing, no extras, nothing. Pretty poor even for £5 :(
Could be that they have just sent you the wrong one if your email matches the 2 disc one. send them an email telling them your email matches the 2 disc one or better still give them a ring. Ive never had communication with them before but have heard mixed views so good luck :cool:
or £5 i rarely complain! I didnt get from play though and thats what i was expecting, but if you thought you were getting the 2 disc then id have a go at them
I'll try giving them a ring and see what they say (if I can get through)!

Don't know whether I can be bothered to go through all the hasssle though tbh. I should at least be glad I got something from splash in the first place :laugh:
Hadnt openned mine,but just had a look and its the 1 disc version as well,even though I ordered the 2 disc edition.Seems like this is the only 1 they are sending out tbh:nono:

The case does seem a bit on the cheap side too,cant see them selling pirate copies though;although if they had to download and copy every film this would explain why they take so long to deliver:rotfl:
You're right it seems as if they're sending out the 1-disc edition even though most people ordered the 2-discers.

I've tried other forums and this is the same issue with them!

I'm going to call them tomorrow and see what they say.

I'll keep you posted.

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