SPL HT08 ??? + Surround Speaker Advice Please




I'm looking to finally upgrade my pair of very old celestion speakers to a
complete surround system. Preferably something unimposing.

I like the look of the long cylindrical floorstanding type (see link below) but am worried about loosing sound qulity for listening to music.

I am looking to spend no more than £250 (Maybe more ;) ) and would like to keep using my current ( NAD ) amplifier.

I saw this SPL HT08 advertised on ebay, but can't find any reviews on the web.

Therefore, I would be grateful if anyone could reply who has had experience with this make/model or if you can suggest a suitable alternative ( links to reviews would be helpful)

I am aware the SPL system is powered but I was thinking of bypassing it's built in amp.

I've also seen the Ministry of Sound speaker package Argos.com sell but once again I don't know how good Ministry of sound branded stuff is.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Ian J

I've never heard of the SPL HT08 but looking at the spec I would guess that it's fairly old technology as it only decodes Dolby 5.1 and AC3 ( which are both the same thing ) but doesn't decode DTS

The satellites only go down to 250Hz so any frequencies below that will be via the subwoofer. Bass isn't supposed to be directional but frequencies above 100Hz probably are which may spoil the sound for you.


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What are you currently using? we might be able to find something that uses your existing system but expands on it.


Thanks for the replies guys.

I'm really looking to replace my current 2 'big black box' Celestion speakers with some cylindrical/slimline floorstanders.

I'm not really worried about the decoding/amplification side of things as I already have my NAD reciever (750T I think) for that.

Any thoughts on the Ministry of Sound kit?
Who makes their stuff anyway?

Can anyone recommend similar systems?




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I doubt any of these will be anywhere near the celestion boxes you have, they look rather plasticaly and without a large volume will lack bass most likely.

Not many thin floorstander come to mind, usualy because they compomise the sound i would assume, there may be some by a lesser know compnay but non of the big ones i know of make such speakers.

For a simialr ammount of money you could get something like the MS premier range or the now cheap tannoy, but these are sub sat so don't really fall into your requirments.

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