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Question SPK8-S wont work wireless


Hello I have bought the SPK8-S rear speaker kit for my 2020 SN7Y soundbar they work wired but not wirelessly does anyone have any ideas on what to do called LG but they were no hope! thanks!


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Wired, but not wirelessly?
They have to have wires to the speakers from the receiver unit. The wireless connection is from your soundbar, to the recieving unit. The speakers themselves, aren't wireless speakers.

I was wondering if you could try something for me. On the receiver unit, there's a button, may need pushing with a pen through a hole. But it's the manual wireless pairing button.
Get your phone into pairing a new Bluetooth device mode, then press the manual pairing button on the SPK8-S receiver unit.
Then make an accurate note of the Bluetooth name of the device please.

I'm trying to connect other speakers to my LG soundbar. And I've Bluetooth speakers I can change the name of.

Much appreciation if you could do this for me, and report back with the exact name your phone Bluetooth identifies it as.

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