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Well, not much action in this forum at the mo, but I presume that we can post questions here for advice as to which regions of dvds to get ?

Has anyone got any thoughts on which version of Spirited Away to get ? I presume it's not out on UK version 2 yet. I've read a bit about most versions having transfer problems with 'red tint', the only ones which appear to be fixed are the r1 re-release, r4 re-release and r3 Beuna Vista (not the Daewon), although I'm not sure if the R3 has a 5.1 English version.

I'd prefer to watch it with English soundtrack rather that listening to an incomprehensible Japaneese one and not being able 'watch' the film due to having to read subtitles constantly !

Not sure about buying the r1 or r4, as how are you guarenteed that you'll get one with the corrected 'red tint'.

Any thoughts / experiences ?

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Maybe at the moment but we're going to start moving comparison questions in here.


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Looks like the re-issued R1 is the one to go for - but I've read that the first ten minutes has multi-angles for storyboard comparison, and the japaneese version it for the duration of the whole film.

I have an outstanding problem with my Yamaha S540 where it displayes the multiangle logo constantly for any scene with multiangle - and there is no option to turn it off. This means having an annoying logo on screen for a whole ten minutes.

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