Spinning cds fault on FMJ36 player??


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Hello all.

I've had a cd36 player for about 1 year now. Every so often, I am unable to play various cds.

The message 'loading' appears on the display and when I eject the cd, the tray opens with the cd spinning at an unnaturally fast speed.

This only happens occasionally, but should I be worrying? I guess I would not expect this 'fault' from such an expensive player.

Can someone please explain to me the 'fault' and why this is happening.

Please help!!



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This happens to my CD player the cd36 too. It happens also to my brothers Diva cd73. It happens very rarely but some brand new cds just will not play at all. These cds work in a car cd player a twenty quid cd diskman my sisters cheap all in one sony unit and every other brand of cd player in audio-t.
I get told its not the cd player (go figure). I have tried other copies of these new disks and they work, but its annoying having to keep sending back cds that should play straight away. I've been told it could be the laser tolerance whatever that is. Not that I care there is NO excuse for a cd player costing over £1000 to stuggle with disks that play in a 20 quid diskman.


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This is always the argument. A number of times I have had DVD playback glitches on my Arcam DV29 only to find that my cheapie Sony DVD recorder plays the offending media without a hiccup. Boy, does my wife like to remind me about the difference in price!

Part of the issue is that so much hi-fi and a/v gear is now at commodity level.

Much as I love my existing Arcam kit (for all of its quirks and foibles) if I had to start again, I don't think that I'd need to spend anywhere near as much again to get an acceptable quality level. Prices have come down, quality has generally risen.

Where you score with the likes of Arcam is their support. It seems that the likes of Denon and Yamaha are a nightmare to deal with if something goes wrong.

Personally, I would get the CD36 looked at. I can understand the occasional hiccup in playback, but if you have problems on so many disks then regardless of whether or not the player is still within spec., if it doesn't do what it's supposed to do it's about as much use as concrete contact lenses.

Talk to your dealer/Arcam.



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I seem to recall there was another thread on this issue in recent months, incuding a video of the problem. If I remember correctly, the Arcam dealer suggested this was normal. Maybe do a search for that other thread.


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Hi there woo88

I would suggest you get the player looked at – pronto. Being an FMJ unit I would think you are still covered by a warranty (3 years I believe on all the FMJ gear). My CD192 (it uses the same CD Transport and D to A / Output board as the CD36) and suffered similar symptoms. Eventually every disc I tried to play just showed the terminal “-NO DISC-” error”. A trip to the dealer and a day later the transport was replaced under warranty and now all is well again.

I had a quiet word to the service technician (the salesman was out of hearing range), and he confided in me that he had been doing quite a few transport repairs under warranty. It appears that Arcam (through no fault on their part) have received a batch of suspect disc transports from Sony (the manufacturer of the Arcam’s CD Disc transport, the same transport is used an all the Arcam CD players). This particular store actually keeps a small number of spare parts for the Sony transport mechanism just so they can keep their customers happy with quick turn-around times on any player that uses that transport mechanism. It’s also worth noting that this particular transport is used in several mid-priced and high-end CD players, so Arcam is not the only company affected by the batch of suspect transports.

The good news is that while Arcam are not officially saying there is a problem (no sensible comercial organisation would), they are replacing the faulty component when it fails during warranty period – no questions asked. That’s why you should always buy your HiFi from a recognised dealer and only buy brands with a good dealer backup.

Hope this helps


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Crustyloafer said:
The warranty on FMJ products is 5 years.
:oops: 5 years -- wow even more incentive to buy from the FMJ series :smashin:



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Thanks for all your help.

I've sent the player back to Arcam now and await their diagnosis!!

The guy from the service dept of Arcam seemed to think that it could be the transport that's causing the probs.

Lets see in due course.



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I had a similar issue with my DV78 only my one did play the disc. The problem I had was that it was spinning some discs very fast and making quite a lot of noise. By the way these discs were in perfect condition and play fine on every other player I could find.

I sent it to Arcam with the offending Cd's and they could not see a problem with it. It came back and still does it :( Something Im going to have to live with.

Slightly disapointed I decided to try buying the same cd's again and the problem seemed to go away. As far as I can tell it would seem that the Arcam drives are very picky about the quality of the discs you use.

I would attribute the blame to some bad cd pressings and slightly suspect drives.

In general I have been very pleased with the player, sadly you have to expect the occasional disapointment.

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