Spiderman rules-don't think they'll do censoring

Discussion in 'Marvel Movies Forum' started by m.d, Jun 13, 2002.

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    I saw the film last saturday at an advanced screening and it is amazing summer entertainment - the best in years. Bryan Singers X-Men is crap compared to this (don't think much of X-Men anyway). The story is simple (obvious - for kids), you know the drill - Peter Parker bitten by genetically (not radioactive) altered spider, aquires spider powers. Same time mad (not initially)scientist Normon Osborne takes matters into his own hands (won't ruin why) and tries his experiments on himself to become split persona psychotic "The Green Goblin". The ofcourse him being super strong and the new spidey skills to our hero on goes a showdown after showdown battle between the two. It's extremely fun, I enjoyed it more than Episode 2, but I love the classic Batman style story of two comic book characters fighting each other. It's not just aimed at kids, theres plenty of stuff in there for adults to enjoy, and I don't class myself as either being nearly 16. I was launghing plenty of times at Willem Dafoes split persona character, and it was executed wonferfully with his Osborne character at first oblivious to his super villain actions. Another thing it's wonderful in this film that we can accept the CGI, as opposed to the OTT use in star wars (it's rediculous really). Spiderman swinging at amazing speeds through Manhattan with no control of his trajectory is amazing.

    The message about the censoring of the film, this can't be. They wouldn't be able to re-cut it in time, and the message about a cinema owner doing it himself, if thats the case he should be in prison (ruining the film to make money is outragous). Besides there was some children under 12 there, though I did make sure I saw a showing where there wouldn't be many. Yes - maybe there is a point where it's too violent for a PG and some might say a 12, considering how violent it gets at final conflict.

    Hope I havn't given much away, I doubt I have. There isn't huge plot points to give away anyway, it's just loads of fun. Go see it.

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