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Feb 25, 2001
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I ordered this from cdwow last Thursday and on Friday received an email from them that it had been despatched!
I understood the R2 release date was November 25 (check Play).
Of course I am not complaining, just curious.
Has anyone else ordered Spiderman R2 from cdwow and had similar email?
I have not ordered it but saw it on there site last night, I thought it was a typo, let me know when you get it and if it is R2 as I will order it saves waiting another 22 days for play.
It's actually R4, not R2. They've made a mistake. If you look at the product description, it says 'Aussie release'.
Just ordered, cant wait, CDWOW are normally really quick at delivering as well. :D

Monkeywrench is correct - just got mine from CD-WOW & it's R4. (Order confirmation email stated R2 & it is R2 on the website)

It's Encoded for R2 and R4 as I understand it. Saves on cost for the studios as both regions are PAL. If your unhappy ask for a refund I'm sure CD-WOW will give it to you.
Oh right, I didn't realise they did that, just looked at the box before leaving for work this morning & it had R4 written on it.
Don't usually worry about regions apart from the kids films so that they can play it on their bedroom R2 player.

I'll check it later

the back to the future box set from CD-WOW is also regions 2 and 4. makes even more of a mockery of the region system if you ask me.
Did it have one of the old green customs forms on the back, or had it come from the UK?
Yes you are all correct!!!!
Got the dvd today and sure enough the box said R4, so I tried it straight away on both my players and it worked fine, and looks fabulous too.
I suspect the cover art will be different from the R2 version though.
Originally posted by Shoka
Did it have one of the old green customs forms on the back, or had it come from the UK?

Thanks, I was just being impaitient it says awaiting despatch on there website, so I was wondering 1-2 days or 4-5. Thanks.

Is your player R2 only? Does it play OK?
I got Spiderman r4/r2 last saturday from CD WOW and it does work on r2 only players as well.

However im sure the picture on the box of mine is different to the upcoming uk r2 release.

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