Spiderman in "full" DD on Sky + ???




I have recently bought Sky + mainly for the DD movies on Sky 1,2 and 3.

Can anyone confirm if the DVD of Spiderman has the music in the opening titles coming out of the rear speakers...... ?

The film itself seemed to contain rear effects (some very nice ones too)....but I can't help thinking it was not "the real deal" as far as 5.1 goes....something was missing.

The film was broadcast in DD for sure...it would be interesting to see if anyone can tell me if some music was coming out of the rears on the DVD, as on the Sky+ version it was just the front 3 working........

Thanks in advance



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The music during the title sequence does indeed make full use of the rears in the DD5.1 audio mix.
Not a movie subscriber atm so can not comment on SKY's broadcast.

You amp did confirm the presence of a DD5.1 signal though?


Hi mate

Yes....the Amp (Yamaha AX1) saw it as DOLBY DIGITAL......which is the setting I have on all my DVD's.......

The sound dropped out for 2 secs about 20 mins in....and I remember when it came back the amp's setting was exactly the same.

There were plenty of decent rear effects coming from the left rear and right rear (different effects aswell as music) but I'm wondering if perhaps the film lacked full 5.1 and then it "kicked in" after the 20 mins or so.

I have read on these board about resetting your sky + box and then the DD signal works but the box is only 1 month old, and I heard that problem had been fixed.......

Anyone else feel that their Sky 5.1 is missing something ?


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I had a similar problme with Spiderman and my DD set-up. Basically, as the film started I got sound effects and music from the 4 "corner" speakers only. Nothing from the centre.

A quick flick to a different channel fixed it, but there would seem to be something afoot with this particular broadcast...


Update ......

It just so happened that Spiderman was on again last night in DD......so I recorded it, and with baited breath put my head against the rear speaker.......

Guess what ? Lovely music pumping out !!

Looks like there was a problem with the other broadcast. I am happy as I bought SKY + mainly for the DD soundtracks, and I was not best pleased to hear a "dumbed down" version claiming to be 5.1.

I just hope there isn't a problem with my V2 box...........
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