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Aug 1, 2000
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As a regular visitor to EBAY which I go to in an effort to find hard to find collectors items such as John Ditchfield glass (don't ask) or old comics etc, I am becoming increasingly frustrated to find that many 'private' users are simply buying up loads of new stock from DVD/Video companies and auctioning them at higher prices.

One such example is the Spiderman DVD. Now I managed to get a Limited edition of this disc from a DVD company which is great but not without an effort in finding it. It is a very hard to find copy now.

If you go to EBAY and search on Spiderman DVD you will find private collectors 'selling'/auctioning these. To make things worse they are also auctioning pre-orders of the film! Now this means they are auctioning items that they do not even have on hand at the moment.

Now surely this is wrong. And I feel it is a great shame that many people will miss out on certain discs due to the greedy seller 'pimping' items on EBAY in this fashion.

Let me say again that I am a big fan of EBAY for the use I mentioned earlier of finding deleted videos, hard to find items etc. But I feel this example is a growing problem and I wish there was something we could do about it.
Just buy it somewhere else, I picked up spiderman r1 from a specialist shop in Leeds yesterday. He's had it in for about a week.

I'll be getting star wars ep2 and lotr directors cut next week hopefully :)
Off topic but you did mention it! Why do you buy John Ditchfield glass at inflated prices on ebay when you can buy direct from the studio?

I'm sure the same thing is going on: seller orders from studio, sells for at least £25 more on ebay. easy money!


The Ditchfield items I bought I could not locate in the Studio's and the pieces in particular were signed and numbered and not available to buy anymore.

But, this whole pre-order thing on EBay is really winding me up.
Don't let it wind you up.

If the mugs want to pay over the odds let them.

I can't understand people who obviuosly have access to the internet, don't just have another window open on say play, or cd-wow or any other dvd supplier to compare prices.

thats what I do when I'm monitoring auctions to see if I'm getting a bargain - which is getting much less frequent.
I don't see it as people can pay over the odds if they want to.

What I see is for the example of Spiderman, a limited gift set being pimped on Auction sites. Sold out in places like play.com not helped by these pimpers who have pre-ordered them to sell them for extortionate prices. They have no option because it was limited and sold out everywhere else.

This time I managed to get my limted DVD release but I may not be so lucky next time...

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