Spider-Man : Difference between R1 Canadian & US version



Since most Canadian versions of DVDs include French soundtrack, I'm wondering if US version of Spider-Man does not have the french trck while Canadian version does ??

I'd much prefer any title without French soundtrack.

Does anyone know ?


I agree with zcaps57.
French takes up unnecessary disc space.


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A large number of US disks have a French Soundtrack regardless. Use a good review site like DVDfile and they’ll tell you this fact. I could not careless either way as I would not bother too listen to it, if it wasn't a French film. Without the French track the space it takes up would more than likely be empty. I've got better thing to be bothered with than French soundtracks and French writing on the covers.


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the vast majority of R1 discs are IDENTICAL in the US and Canada. They use the same master (makes economic sense). The only difference (if any) in most cases is in the packaging.

Squirrel God

Originally posted by zcaps57
I'd much prefer any title without French soundtrack.
Good luck... sorry, Bon Chance. :p

Even R2 and R4 titles contain French soundtracks.

There's no escaping the French :D

Maybe you should go for the R3 as that will not have a French soundtrack at all, but will no doubt have one or two Chinese dialects and of course subtitles.

I'm waiting for Spider-man to be released with an Urdu cover and soundtrack so that no-one will want to borrow my copy :D :D


Oh, no..

Most my R1 titles're Canadian (if not all). And I thought Quebec was the reason for French on canadia releases ??

Well... it seems there's no escaping indeed. :rolleyes:

Rambo John J

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Most US-only releases carry a Spanish audio track for our Latino brothers aswell.

You'll struggle to escape unnecessary audio tracks eating up the disc space unless you start pressing your own discs I'm afraid.

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