Spheros again or something else?


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Hi all, not been around here recently, but 18 months ago I bought a Loewe Spheros 37" DR (? the one with picture view not the freeview one), and after initial problem have been more than happy with it. However I've just sold my house and the TVs somewhat plumbed into the wall along with an IR distibution amp, with the main control box being store in a cupboard immediately behind the wall the TVs on. So I'm thinking of offering it as fixtures and fittings - obviously at a price. This will save me having to fill in the hole in the wall etc.

So my question is if the new purchaser does go with it, then should I get another Spheros for new house or have things moved on significantly since then and there are other sets that are better now. I notice the price of the Spheros is half of what I paid for it ( :thumbsdow but then I always knew that would happen ) which brings it into the range of a whole lot more. I would be looking for a 37" LCD again. Any thoughts?


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If you can be patient I would wait a few months then go for a Loewe Spheros or Individual. New models will be out between now and November and will have integrated HD receivers plus the latest chassis incorporating the HD enhancements - such as DR+ for HD.
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