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Spendor SA1 vs KEF LS50


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Good day!

I'm eagerly setting up my first quality stereo system in my study.

I have the option if pairing a South African design and built Valve Audio Exclame integrated amp (100W per channel) with either an older pair of Spendor SA1 (with stands) or brand new KEF LS50 speakers.

Does anyone have opinion/experience about both speakers?

Much appreciated,


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Hi Rob

I have gone from the Spendors to the Kefs. I was running them with a Leema Pulse amp and modified Arcam CD93 CD player. Although recently i have put the LS50's into my home cinema setup.

I really rate both of them. But whilst the Spendors are very good, particularly with piano, i preferred the LS50's. How big is your room? I had the Spendors in a 3m x 3m room then in a 4m x 5m room and found they weren't really big enough to fill the later. The sound stage sounded too small and flat. The Kefs is much bigger, and they project into the room quite well.

The Kefs are also more neutral, the Spendors have a midbass hump around 80hz, which does sound good, it makes them more fun and lively, and they are a very musical speaker. The tweeter is very sweet indeed, very airy and light, but its a little rolled off so it will never be fatiguing, but may sound a little dark.

But its the bigger sound stage, more detail, and imagining of the Kefs that i liked the most.

Ideally you should try both before you buy as you may prefer one presentation over the other, but they are both very nice speakers. The Kefs are quite a bit cheaper too!


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My study is about 3.5m x 3m.
I can get the Spendors for the same price as the KEFs...
Unfortunately I won't have the opportunity to demo the Spendors.
The KEFs could be used in a bigger room as you mentioned. Do you think the KEFs suffer in a smaller room?


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Using the Kefs in my AV system means they are in the smaller room and i dont think they suffer at all. They are very close to the walls though so i have used the full bungs, but thats fine for me as i have sub to make up for the lack of bass from them. I have found the bungs have not robbed the life out of the Kefs, and i have lost the corner boom i was suffering.

I think in the smaller room they sound even better as i really like an intimate sound, so as they project into the room so well it makes for a very intimate listening experience. Plus i think they look great too, i like the way the rose gold drivers change in colour slightly depending on the light on them. Nothing to do with sound at all but aesthetics do play a part for me.

Its a tricky decision though, certainly as you cant hear the Spendors. You would be happy with either, i am quite sure. But if you prefer a more neutral, bigger sound, then its the kefs. If you want a slightly flatter sound stage, but perhaps more musical and fun coloured presentation that still sounds very natural and non fatiguing, its the spendors.

But this is just my opinion and its all quite subjective. I hope it helps though.

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