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Does anyone use Spendor A2 speakers and if they do how close to a rear wall are they. I ask because being interested in them they would be in a relatively narrow room 10 feet or so wide. In am looking to replace a pair of Proac Tablette 10 speakers that I have had for about two years. I feel though that the Proacs are not quite deep enough sound wise, lacking in depth really and I want to replace them, if anything is suitable.


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Can't comment on the a2, but i use neat motive sx2 on the long wall of a room and they sound lovely. Great, rounded, entertaining sound. Sitting position is only 2m from them.


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The front ported Focal Aria 926 may be better if being placed close to a wall.
You could consider just adding a sub to your current arrangement to boost the low frequencies.


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I have A2 and considered them partly because reviews said they were not so fussy about placement.

clearly it’s not just about how close to the wall and I’m sure some will screw up their faces seeing where I have them placed. I did have them on home demo to check before buying though as I was a bit worried about placement

I have my pair either side of a corner of a room, my usual seating spot is facing the corner. The left speaker has a bay window behind it, wall distance about 3 feet at a slight angle si not 90 degrees to the back of the speaker, ...unless I close the curtains, which I often do when it’s sunny in the latter part of the afternoon to protect from UV

the right speaker Is on its right rear corner right up against the skirting at a roughly 45 degree angle to the wall

i don’t find the bass to be Too boomy

i did try with bungs for the rear ports which made the sound a little leaner, but not necessarily better to my ears.

i do have the option of Dirac but currently am not using it

in short, they don’t seem too fussy but depends on your room. Some space behind them is better if my demo in store is any comparison.
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The Tablette 10s are fantastic speakers. Rather than risk losing the qualities of them, would you consider a small subwoofer to flesh out the lower end?

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