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Is there anyway you can speed ftp to the xbox up.

By default if you are copying an app with many files/directories flashxp will move the data files individually. This takes ages.
Is there a way to tweak the ftp client to push stuff in one go, or at least faster than it is?
Or, better option, push the compressed file (winrar,winzip etc) to the xbox and uncompress at the other end. So will winrar or winzip work on an xbox.


I think Avalaunch has an ftp booster, Qwix is also an Avalaunch app. Also, I use CuteFTP and the speeds between my pc and Xbox are pretty quick. But for some reason, a lot of small files, ie kb's in size, take a lot longer to transfer than large files. Another thing to be careful of is transferring files by wifi because, although you may have a 54Mbps wifi connection at each end, the signal can drop significantly and you will not know. It could even dropout altogether for periods during a transfer and you may not be aware of it.


See if this helps

1. click start and right click 'My Network Places' and choose properties.

2. right click your Local Area Network connection and go to properties

3. near the top right of the new screen, click 'Configure...'

4. at the top of the newest screen, find and click the 'Advanced' tab. On the left look for and highlight 'Link Speed & Duplex'. On the right of that, click the down arrow and choose '100Mbps/Full Duplex'. Now click OK and your hardware will update. This could temporarily disconnect your internet (less then 10 seconds, if you are disconnected for more then 5 minutes, reset the Link Speed & Duplex to auto mode) and your computer may require to restart.

Got it from an Xbox-Scene Tut , somewhere . Would link if I could remember where exactly

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