Speed Racer


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Went to see it tonight , well what to say ... its a remake of a jap cartoon from the 60s and its cheesy as hell .

but if u had to make it then its been made the best possible way i couldnt think of any other way to make the film better,

visuals are out of this world as come to expect from the Wachowski brothers

its great for the kids but adults will enjoy it too.
It's a kids movie, of course it's going to be crap, it's like goingto see herbie, why do you all fall for that media crap?..


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Just a warning - from a cinema projectionist:

1) The film is 2hrs 14m long, and most kids who have been to see it at our cinema, simply find it too long-winded, and are getting very bored. Also, anyone who's easily susceptible to flashing images or suffers from epilepsy, should be aware that this film is full of flashy fast edits, and may provoke those who are easily susceptible to bright, flashing images, very fast editing, and/or contrasting light and dark movement! :lesson:

2) Whilst the film looks stunning, it's not the easiest film for youngsters to follow, so it may be better to wait for a DVD release instead. (Lots of tooing and froing, with various characters; lots of quick dialogue that will probably go over the head of the youngest audience members; and it takes a long time to get to the end.)

3) Like "The Matrix", the film looks amazing, but is very, very short on a quality plotline, and worthwhile characters.

4) The film has done appallingly badly, all over the world, in terms of bums-on-seats. In its Opening Weekend in the US, it took a mediocre $15 million. For a film that cost a reported $150 million, this looks like it may be a total commercial and critical flop. :eek:

5) No, I haven't seen the film as a whole yet, but I wouldn't mind seeing it when I get some time too.



watched it saturday morning with my 5yr old, he managed the whole movie with only 1 toilet break and then he refused to go as he was loving it, me and missus thought it was good too, amazing audio and visuals and a great re-imaging of the cartoon a big thumbs up :thumbsup:
Films need to be CGI distinguished. If you put CGI into two boxes you will get a more appreciative understanding of how CGI works in movies.

1/ CGI props. This is CGI that does not communicate in any way with the audience. Godzilla would go in here, but not King Kong. Obviously Twister, and .................Speed Racer.

2/ CGI actors. In here we have Hulk, King Kong, Iron Man, Transformers, Spiderman..etc.

You will find that CGI prop movies can be relied upon by a director to sell movies. This director is mistaken, he has not followed my CGI guidelines. CGI actors sell movies with the story that they tell. CGI props do absolutely nothing, they are just eye candy.

So, follow my guidelines, and split movies into these two categories. You will soon see the difference. No longer will you say.. "Just another CGI movie." You will now know why the movie is failing.

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Speed Racer is truly fantastic :thumbsup:.

Sure, it's too long by half an hour but despite that it is still a groundbreaking piece of film. Manga, anime, thunderbirds, teletubbies, wipeout, micro machines, sugar-rush, death race 2000, john goodman, christina ricci, susan sarandon, old-shool, futuristic, pop art, aural and visual assault.

It's like Motorhead live for the cinema folks. I wouldn't watch it again, but I'm so glad I have watched it once.

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