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Jul 23, 2005
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Milton Keynes
Been with Sky three weeks now, Sagecom router wireless problems aside, it's been fine.

Running nicely at between 1.5 - 1.8mb which is about as much as my line will do.

This morning it was down to 1mb!! So half a mb isn't that much in the great scheme of things, if your on 8 or mb or something, but it's a third of my total speed, so quite significant.

Phoned Sky, they confirmed the training period had finished and that my line should be on 1.8mb.

The guy assured me my speed drop was down to DLM and that "by the end of the day, it'd be back to full speed".

Still no sign of any increase since this morning and if it's no better by tomorrow, I'll be back onto them.

None of the connection stats have changed except the sync speed. Attenuation is still 62.5 and SNR hovers around 7.8 and 8.5, so can't see any reason for the drop.

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DLM can be a nightmare. If you have high(ish) error rates on your line, it will increase the SNR margin. It starts at 6dB target, then up to 9dB, then 12dB. It sounds like it has decided to start doing this to you. If it can't get the error rates down, it will then try to apply banding, such as 576-1152kbps, which caps your speed.

I had this problem, and DLM showed it's stupidity in failing to resolve a non-existant problem. My ISP (Plusnet) allowed me to be put onto a hard-set DLM profile, forcing it to use a 6dB target without banding. It is called CCSNR.

You might have difficulty convincing Sky however, if you are new with them. In my case I had years of reliable ADSL connection on this line before DLM through a wobbly.
Spoke to them this morning. I'm waiting for a replacement router from them to sort out wireless issues, it should have got here by Saturday, not seen it yet, they phoned Saturday while I was out to check if it had arrived. The wife told them she thought it had!!

So it seems they restarted the 10day training period yesterday, hopefully it'll improve over the coming days, but there's nothing they can do until the 10 days are up at which time if there's no improvement they'll reconfigure the line.

The guy did confirm the line should support 1.8-1.9mb, so I should realistically expect to get 1.5-1.6mb which I can live with.

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The training finished yesterday apparently and I'd been capped at 1mb which I wasn't at all happy with.

Phoned them earlier and explained I'd been told that once the testing had finished my line could be reconfigured.

No fuss, no arguments, they just did it there and then, why couldn't things be that simple when I was with Talk Talk? :)

Anyway, line was reconfigured and I'm now getting 2.8mb!! How long it's going to stay like that, I've no idea, I'd have been well happy getting my 1.8mb back, I'd have been content with 1.5mb anything above that is a right result.

Fingers crossed it stays where it is, or somewhere near :)

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