Speed dial key malfunction on Blackberry Curve 8520


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Hi.. I have a Blackberry Curve 8520 and bought it from a friend last year. After using it for a month or so the speed dial key started playing up. The assigned speed dial key is the letter 'L'. Every time I try to write a text message it randomly types out the letter 'L' even when I am not pressing that letter! Then it keeps asking me whether I want to assign the 'L' key to use as my speed dial key.. Again I try to disable it by clicking on the 'no' icon but it makes no difference and the same icon for the speed dial key keeps popping up :mad:

I am wondering if I should take the phone apart and try to clean underneath the keyboard but I would need to purchase the correct screwdrivers needed to do this.. Otherwise I might need to purchase a brand new keyboard?!

I have been unable to use the Blackberry Curve 8520 since :( Does anybody have any suggestions as to why this is happening please?
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