Speed 4K UHD Blu-ray Review & Comments


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I can't believe you didn't mention the best-of-the-bunch Speed 3! "We put a brick on the pedal" easily a Father Ted top 3 episode. :D


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Is it odd that this is released on 4K but not on Disney+?

I've overdue a rewatch of this ... watched Point Break and The Replacements in the weekend so seem to be on a Keanu binge already.
The Replacements is a great Sports Movie and completely underrated - I know very little about American Football and still enjoyed it.

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Point Break launched his action movie career!
Thats debatable with Swayze being the biggest star in the movie for me it was Speed


I can't believe you didn't mention the best-of-the-bunch Speed 3! "We put a brick on the pedal" easily a Father Ted top 3 episode. :D
We know why it was one of the best for you. :rolleyes: :D

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Thanks for another great review Cas. Was looking forward to picking this up to replace my old dvd copy along with the excellent Super 8 which has also just been released but I must say the lack of a 3D audio mix on either is a disappointment and means I will likely wait a while to see if they drop in price a bit. Seems a lot of older films being released lately are lacking a sound upgrade or maybe I’m just more aware of it now because I only recently upgraded to an Atmos system. Does seem like a wasted opportunity for films like this.

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There does seem to be a demand for older films to be released in 4k disc formats. I've no complaint on that other than a lot of the releases are really dated in terms of being of their time. To be fair to this particular film it stands up quiet well given the age whereas films like Top Gun simply don't.

I'd compare it to looking back on photos from long ago, Speed is like a pair of jeans, TopGun is a wedding photo with curly perms, long collars and flares, 4k isn't going to make it any more palatable.


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Well the impact of the old movie aside, 4K can only do so much in terms of improving the PQ. When you watch a modern HDR film such as 1917, Alita or even The Invisible Man there is a vibrancy to the output just lacking in these old cleanups regardless of the fanatical plaudits. But it’s the best it supposedly can be so I bought it, and also enjoyed a fine and very entertaining mindless movie with a for once thankfully restrained Hopper.


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This is down to £15 on amazon!


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