Speech out of synch


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Not sure if this is the right forum but....
Just installed a surround sound system and all seems to be working OK.
However, when I watch via my freeview box and send sound via the receiver, speech is slightly out of synch with the picture. Doesn't happen when I use the TV sound.
Also seems to drift in and out of synch during the program.
Any ideas what could be wrong or have I connected something up incorrectly?


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Hi Russ,
I get it with Sky + on several channels though more noticeable on C4 & E4.....? Been told it's a Sky problem but they deny it. I have also seen on the forum somewhere that you can buy amplifiers that enable you to set delays on the sound meaning the movement can catch up with the sound. As for setting it up wrong I think I tried every cable configuration known to man to try and solve the problem but still no joy...

Good luck


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I have this problem on normal Sky but tend to find that with a power off and on it solves the problem for a few days or so!

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