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Most Editors allow some changes to recorded speech, usually male-female-plus robot, or -female-male - these are achieved by changing the frequency and may include preserving duration . . . so it retains Sync.
However, there is not much more that I can do to a play where six people are played by one person ( even with/without a wig )..... "changed" voices just do not sound real-enough.

I've searched for software, much is Free ( with adverts - and what else?) . . . . although I have very capable audio-software, with effects like "Resonances" - are hard to control without some knowledge of "why" - it would help if the recorded-file contained a header of the presets, so I could repeat the exercise ( or remember not-to ). I use Sound Forge.

Speech changes - Has anyone had good experiences of dong this?

I wondered about Text-to-speech; but again there is usually little variety available from the generated output.

I suppose I'm seeking software that can change the vocal-cord / nasal+ chest cavity . . . that is the whole vocal tract !.

The speeches/words can be re-recorded, but amateurs are loathe to do this, because timing is difficult and even listeners can't be certain - until the file get to the picture. Trying to maintain a regional accent is NOT easy for many actors, but this "might" be what I'm after. I don't want "Silly-voices" from plain speeding-up, or slowing down.
Note that even 1/3rd octave can be "too-much", IMHO.

Thoughts pse.


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I wonder if the Vocoder in Audacity would help? This will impose a frequency on to a voice and could induce subtle changes. Too much and it will robotise the voice.


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Apart from the video stuff, I dabble in computer music too..... I know it's most likely out of range for you but the software I use for music (Cubase 8.5 Pro) has plugins to give the ability to modify a singers voice for example - and so don't see why this couldn't be done with spoken word.... There's the likes of pitch change, pitch correct to a certain note, and all manner of effects anyone has ever dreamed of. There must be some sort of "standalone" software to do what you look for at either little or no cost. Maybe some "sampling" software (audio editor as Terfyn suggests) and then look for "plugins" for that editor to voice distort etc.
Good luck. Sounds interesting.


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Thanks both - I use Sound Forge Studio - which is like Audacity in that it give you a whole variety of effects - but these really boil down to raising frequency ( Women/Child) or lowering ( Man). I think this is likely the same / similar that Cubase will offer . . . I know there is a software that corrects pitch "AudoTune" is it? and this performs the same task easily/precisely. If taken to extreme these make for "Robot" voices which would destroy any illusion the interviews are "real".
Wigs/Glasses/Makeup can only go so far . . . whereas a professional Actor may be able to model their voice, giving it a foreign tone ( and even mannerisms, which I wouldn't expect from conversion software.

Many Text-Speech software titles are free-downloads but with advertising ( As I'm understanding ), or you pay a lot for the full-blown version. I don't need to voice any Text - although this may be forced on me . . . . . Sadly I don't recall the name of the software tutorial I found most interesting - BUT hoped someone here would have some insight to a real-use solution to what is an existing voice-recording. It was scripted, so apart from some minor errors, the Text does exist - but removing those errors to allow lip-sync could be rather difficult.

I have considered using ADR - where different people are used to replace the original - This is often done where noises have ruined the "take" or the recording device turned faulty, etc.

FWIW I made the following text-note a while ago which may include a clue as to the software, but I would yet like any guidance from folks that have used the downloads.
Memo reads
Text-to-Speech Software for Windows...


Results 1 - 10 of 34 ... The Best Free Text-to-Speech Software app downloads for Windows: eSpeak CoolSpeech Verbose Text to Speech Text 2 Speech ... (End)

Thanks for your suggestions.
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