Spectre,jont,codlord - new rules!

Joe Fernand

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Is it just me or have the rules and stewardship on the forum changed?

I get a hard time for even mentioning my company name and heaven forbid my website and now a large and well known High Street retailer is all put posting live - 'what we have in stock this week' bulletins.




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The rules state:

1 - We encourage representatives of AV retailers, manufacturers and distributors to declare who they work for in their signature. This enables readers of their posts to judge the contents accordingly. However, we prefer people not to hyperlink to their employer's website as this constitutes advertising.

So listing your company name and position should be encouraged, but unfortunately no links to your web site.

As for 'what we have in stock this week' postings - If you are concerned that any posting is violating the rules or guidelines please bring it to the attention of the moderators (via Private message or email) as soon as possible.

Stuart Wright

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I assume you are talking about posts in the bargains forum.
The bargains forum is for anyone - including retailers to post about special offers. If they are not truly unique bargains then the posts will be deleted.
Please let me know which posts concern you ASAP.
And this post should be in the website feedback forum.


To do Joe's thinking or speaking on his behalf as I'm sure he is more than capable himself.

However I believe he may be talking about the " Richer Sounds Have let me down " thread in this section.

I have seen him pulled up previously for similar type replies/responses in advertising his own stock & prices etc..

Just a thought & observation.

Joe Fernand

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Spectre, codlord, jont

OK, maybe I picked you up wrong in the past re having my mail address in my signature - its only a 'www.' different from having my web address!

Spectre - apologies for posting in the wrong forum; I tent to get my head stuck into this one unless I'm searching for something specific for a customer.

Mart (many thanks) hit the nail on the head re the posts that are appearing in places other than the Special Offers from nhalliday (and what is permissible in the Special Offers area anyway?) - as far as I can tell Nick is saying every single product he sells is on special offer so its open house as to what can be discussed; then again who does sell at MSRP these days.

I dont see anything about Special Offers on Plasma from Nick just lots of what's coming when and why you cant get it in certain branches, how much deposit you can or cant pay, dont know what spec we sell (apologies Nick had to get that one in) - no big problem if you guys feel that these post are within the rules; I'll just have to join in I guess :)

Best regards



OK, perhaps nhallday has over stepped the mark. Perhaps not.

There was for a brief period of time a manufacturers forum. Didn;t seem to last that long. Howabout a retailers forum wher this kind of gripe/request can be aired within the context of that retailer.

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