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Greetings, I'm a novice in the A/V world but hungry for knowledge.

Currently I am an owner of an Onkyo TX-SR806 receiver and love it. Soon I will be looking to buy a new receiver and plan on getting something slightly better than my current receiver.

Being new to the A/V world I have some questions on whether any high end receivers support some features I am about to list.

I'm not expecting any one receiver to have all these features, but I am looking for suggestions. I am going to ask about 5 features.

1. More than 4 selectable video sources
2. More accessible equalizer
3. Output to multiple tvs with two different sources simultaneously


4. 9.2 or above channels
5. independent audio and video (be able to select the video from one source and the audio from another)

Let's get started.


Firstly, I have a lot of sources to plug in, and from what I can tell the TX-SR806 only allows me 4 selectable video sources at a time.

They are labeled DVD, VCR/DVR, CBL/SAT, and GAME/TV

There are also several additional audio only channels, but that doesn't help me much with additional video channels. What receivers out there would you recommend with more selectable video sources?


Secondly, I was wondering what receivers out there have quick access to adjusting your speaker balance, for example, raising bass, rear channels, front channels, independently.

I can always open up my menu and go through a level or two of menu and adjust each speaker output there, but this is very cumbersome and time consuming both to set and reset.

It'd be nice if there was a way to adjust these things from the remote without any menus, and also a "level reset" button.

I had this on a very cheap speaker system before and was surprised that more expensive receivers don't have this option. Am I simply out of luck? I know most people would say it is ideal to calibrate these to a reference setting and then NOT change them, but sometimes I like to turn up my rear or base levels.


Thirdly it would be nice to be able to output to 2 different tvs at once. I have my receiver outputting hdmi to my main screen right now, but when I tried to output composite to an old tv so my brother could do something while I used the main screen it wouldn't output to the second screen. I'll also note that it would need to be able to be outputting two DIFFERENT sources, because outputting the same source on both screens would kind of defeat the purpose.


This request is much less important than the previous requests, but I have recently discovered the new Dolby Pro Logic IIz technology, I understand it's not exactly new and Yamaha has had hight channels for years. I also understand that for watching movies this is pretty unnecessary and gimmicky. However, I am a very avid gamer, and this is something I would value in games designed to use it very much.

I was wondering if there are any reasonably priced receivers out there with 9.2 channel support or greater, I'd love to get another sub, and also try out the new hight channels, but I don't really want to lose 2 of my rear channels.


One thing I can already do with my receiver, is play a video source, like my xbox 360, and then I can have my CD player, or radio play audio while I use my xbox 360 video, this was great, I was just curious if there was any receiver where your video and audio signals were independent, so I could have xbox 360 video with Xbox 360 audio, OR I could have it with Playstation 3 audio.


In conclusion, I am just looking for examples that meet at least one of these criterion, I don't expect there to be a magical receiver with all the solutions, but I am just looking for options. I also would like to keep my Dolby True HD, and DTS Master Audio capabilities, and keep some legacy inputs too, I'm not ready for HDMI only just yet :)

If you have any other cool receiver features that you are looking for you can also post in this thread, I'm sure there are great features I would appreciate that I haven't heard of or thought of yet.

Thank you for your time.​
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For your first question, your current amp actually allows you to assign component and HDMI inputs to eight selections on the 806:


You can also assign more than one input to the above selections, with svideo and composite already being preassigned), so in fact you could have upto four devices on each selection (one HDMI, one component, one svideo, and one composite). It works because signals take priority in the following order, HDMI, component, Svideo, composite. So you just have to make sure you have the right combination of devices on or off. With this trick you can actually get upto 17 video sources connected (5 HDMI, 2 component, 5 svideo, and 5 composite). Just so you know audio, works in a similar fashion, with HDMI, optical/coax and stereo RCA taking priority (highest to lowest).

For your 3rd question, there are some amps that do have multizone video outputs, but I think these are limited at most to component output only (more likley to be composite output). So no HDMI, the recievers that do have dual HDMI output either have it set as only one output active at a time or both have the same output.

4th question - it appears most of the new models coming out will support PrologicIIz, not sure about two subs tho.

5th question - This is actually a very common feature of amps, I would be surprised if your current amp can't do it, its just figuring out how. On Denon's there is a source select function that cycles thru all the video inputs (doesn't work with HDMI unfortunately), without adjusting the audio. There was a thread on here sometime ago asking a similar thing and lots of people reported the various methods of doing this on different makes.
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Thanks, you are very right, I'm still learning things about my reciever even after owning for months, reading the manual cover to cover and going through all the menus and messing with the remote, I guess some things I just miss.

you were right about being able to have more than one source on one selection, I now have my xbox 360 and my sega saturn on CBL/SAT and it works fine when you only have one on at the same time. You didn't quite understand what I was talking about though, yes there are the sources CP, PHONO and TAPE, but they are audio sources only, so can't be used as video sources, (AKA they just have L and R RCA inputs for those sources)

I just remembered another feature too.

My receiver has an input for an arial, but it's only used for FM radio, I was wondering if there are any recievers that have a tuner built in to pick up digital television, of if I should just stick to my tv.

what I do now is I just have my arial plugged into my tv, and then I run the audio from my tv out via fiber optic cable into my reciever so I can hear tv through my speakers, there is nothing wrong with this setup it'd just be a nice feature to be able to plug it into my reciever.
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you were right about being able to have more than one source on one selection, I now have my xbox 360 and my sega saturn on CBL/SAT and it works fine when you only have one on at the same time. You didn't quite understand what I was talking about though, yes there are the sources CP, and TAPE, but they are audio sources only, so can't be used as video sources, (AKA they just have L and R RCA inputs for those sources) as for the PHONO, and AUX, I see them on the remote but don't see them on the back of my reciever or on my receiver rear diagram. I am still looking at it trying to find them, I know they must be there.

I did understand what you meant and although the CD and Tape selections don't have any composite or svideo connections, you can assign HDMI or Component inputs to them, so they will use video, its just only HDMI or Component.

The Aux input is actually on the front not the back, its generally used for a temporary connection when you don't want to get round the back, a video camera for instance. However, like the other selections you can also assign HDMI or component inputs to it, so it does become another available selection for such connected devices.

There is no AV receiver that I know of that has an inbuilt Tv tuner, its just radio.


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Ah that explains it, thanks a lot, I know some of these questions might seem a bit absurd, some of them are more out of curiosity than anything else, as I said I'm hungry for knowledge, thanks for the tip on setting the CD, TAPE, and PHONO as HDMI and component sources, will do.

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