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Hello to everybody, this is my first post/thread here... :hiya:

Is any divx supporting player that has video setup menu special for divx files,giving selection between:
-original aspect ratio

is it possible to add this extented video setup menu for divx files to the firmware of ANY dvd player? It's very usefull and it will make mtk to be really better than ess chip, that is old but can strech the image fullscreen!!

i hope for any answer...




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i like this talking to myself....

i get that i must wait for some desent dvd players with divx support...

the ones that are in market now is at childish level... it's stupid to get a player that have nothing more to give me than my current dvd without divx format support... if they cant display ok my packs of divx disks, they are useles!

i'm waiting a year, so lets wait one more mayby...



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are you sure that pioneer 575 can do this?

i have test it with a disk with file at 400x576 PAL and the image was narrow! Not fullscreen. I'm not talking about just the setting concerning the tv aspect ratio. This is something all dvd players have. Does pioneer have a "Divx aspect ratio" selection?

if yes please tell me how this menu-option is enable.
have you try any file with not 720 or 704x576 resolution (not 4:3 aspect the divx file) and you had full screen display?




no divx aspect ratio on my 575.i have a toshiba 36zp46 and if i use the 4:3 pan scan mode i can get full screen picture but its not ideal.Did u find out if there is a firmware upgrade cos i agree with you on the fact that divx options would be very useful :)


Firmware 2.09 is the latest for the 575. If you search on this forum you will find it mention many times (by me) and links to it on avland.co.uk *which are working again now*.

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