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Special Price on Panny TH-42PWD6 till 30/10/03

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by KBDVD, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. KBDVD

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    Aug 25, 2002
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    Hi All,

    I just received this e-mail and thought I'd pass it on. It sounds like a good deal as it works out at under £2,500 delivered! :smashin: (You'll need to move quick mind you.) ......... Shame I'm really after the 50" silver model! :(

    Halloween Special

    £2125+VAT - Buys you
    For Orders placed before 30th October (Thursday) Only.

    Panasonic TH-42PWD6

    Free Full Video Board
    Free Wall Mount
    Free 12 Month Onsite Warranty
    Free Delivery

    Quick Specs

    Screen size: 42"
    Resolution: 852x480 pixels
    Contrast: 4000:1
    Unit Weight: 28 kg
    Model: TH-42PWD6


    Total Picture Quality
    The Panasonic Plasma Display delivers brilliant, high-contrast images with rich gradation and remarkable depth. Behind this total picture quality is the powerful synergetic effect between the plasma display panel and a panel driver that is optimally suited to display devices.

    Super Real Gamma System
    The Super Real Gamma System provides the optimal number of sub-fields for each scene. This allows Panasonic plasma display to reproduce 1,024* shades of gradation for superior detail in dark scenes. When a PC signal is input, the Panasonic plasma display reproduces gradation in steps equivalent to 1,536* shades at the lower brightness levels, where the human eye sees best.
    * In normal/cinema mode.

    New Real Black Drive System
    By reducing the pre-discharge emission when reproducing black, the New Real Black Drive System provides deeper, richer blacks and a stunning 4000:1 contrast.

    New Quasi 100 Hz System
    A quasi 100-Hz sub-field drive system detects when a PAL video signal is input and essentially doubles the number of fields displayed in a given time. This dramatically reduces the flicker that can occur when playing PAL sources.

    MACH Enhancer
    The MACH Enhancer is an original Panasonic contour-emphasis signal processing technology. Drawing on the Mach effect, this technology enhances an object’s contours in a way that best suits the way the human eye perceives objects.

    Deep Black Filter
    The front protective glass of the Panasonic Plasma Display incorporates a new Deep Black Filter that suppresses light transmittance and slashes the amount of external light reflected. This helps our display achieve the industry’s highest level of contrast when viewed in bright surroundings.

    Dual Pictures
    You can display images from two different sources at the same time.
    * Picture-In-Picture, * Picture-Out-Picture, * Picture-And-Picture

    Multi-Screen Applications
    The built-in image-enlarging function simplifies 4 (2 x 2) or 9 (3 x 3) multi-screen displays.

    9-Point Digital Zoom
    Use this function to select one portion of an image (from nine points on the screen), enlarge it to two or three times normal size, and display it on the full screen.

    Energy-Saving Functions
    DPMS (Display Power Management Signalling)
    Auto Power Off
    Power Save Mode
    Standby Power Save Mode
    Plasma C.A.T.S (Contrast Automatic Tracking System)

    Improved Moving Picture Performance — Reduces noise in movement and moving objects

    Multi-Function Slots
    In addition to the fixed input interface, the Panasonic Plasma Display has three interchangeable slots the let you add different combinations of optional terminal boards.

    Technical Specifications - Panasonic TH-42PWD6 Plasma Screen:

    Screen Size
    920(H) x 518(V) mm, 42" (1056 mm) diagonal

    Screen Aspect Ratio
    16:9 Wide

    Number of Pixels
    408,960 (852 x 480) pixels

    Pixel Pitch

    Displayable Colours
    1,070 million colours

    Contrast 4000:1 (in dark surroundings)
    Brightness (panel)

    Colour System NTSC/PAL/SECAM/PAL 60Hz/M-NTSC
    Audio Output
    16 W (8 W x 2)

    On-Screen Display US English, UK English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese.
    Screen Coating
    AR (Anti-Reflection) Coating

    RGB Input (PC/Component)
    Mini D-sub 15-pin x 1 (VGA display & SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA compressed display); fH: 15 - 110 kHz;fV:48 - 120Hz

    Audio Input (for PC) M3 stereo plug
    Serial (RS232C) D-Sub 9 -pin
    Power Supply
    AC 220 - 240 V, 50/60Hz

    Power Consumption
    Average: 265 W; Stand-by (Save On): 0.8 W

    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    1020 x 610 x 89 mm

    Weight 28.5kg

    Operating Temperature
    0°C - 40°C

    Operating Humidity
    20% - 80% (Non condensation)

    Tel: 0870 745 9690

    www.ilgroup.co.uk Email: info@ilgroup.co.uk
  2. DarT

    Standard Member

    Oct 25, 2003
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    Anyone got any experience of this supplier?
  3. PVR

    Standard Member

    Oct 23, 2002
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    Nr Gatwick
    No, just a load of annoying e-mails all the time from them. Enough to put me off !



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