Spec me an occassional TV


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Im after a TV for the dining room, so not going to be used every single day.

Some points:

* Im mounting it above a fireplace, so it will be 5ft off the ground.
* I'd like something where the viewing angles are pretty good as the only settee in the room is to one side of the fireplace (the dining room table is central)
* Must have a digital terrestial feed
* Standard def digital terrestial picture quality is important. (im happy with my Panny Plasma on this if that makes it easier)
* At least 32", up to perhaps 40-42" at a push.
* Would be good if it "looked good" as its going to be quite obvious in the room. Nothing silver, or with garish LED's etc. Subtle is the word
* Internet connectivity via Ethernet would be a bonus if it will stream vids from a NAS.
* Price wise, I dont see myself spending more than £800, and £600 would be even better.

Thanks in advance!


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Well I wasn't thinking about another panny, but to be honest my current one has been faultless. What's the full model number of that you mention?
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