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I'm looking for some advice on what I should be recommending at as a good all-rounder laptop for a friend of my parents. I've been volunteered into helping and giving advice even though I switched to Apple around 10yrs ago, and I've really not kept up with things on the PC side.

The laptop is mainly used for day to day tasks - Web, Email and Office (Word and Excel).

They'd like something with:
  • Large Screen 13"- 15" >
  • Good Size Trackpad and Keyboard
  • Good Battery Life
  • Reasonably Lightweight

They really aren't bothered/interested in a touch screen or a 2-in-1 style system.

Would be nice from my side to have some upgradability, like a RAM upgrade which could be done at a later date.

Budget would be £750 max but preferably less.


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I noticed this one over the weekend which seems like good value. The only thing against it from my perspective is the lack of ethernet port but then again you may never need one.


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Lenovo ThinkPad, every time.
No IDEApads, just the THINKpad!
Look at the Matebook D15:

  • there is nothing like it under £600 for build quality - it has an aluminium body and feels sleek, premium
  • virtually no bloatware, runs fantastic out the box. Thank you Huawei for listening
  • good keyboard and touchpad
  • surprisingly it has good sound from the speakers
  • really good fingerprint unlock that works 9/10 times

some things to consider:
  • screen is good (and matte) and 1080p but not like an £800 laptop that are sharper and brighter. That's where price comes in. Viewing angle is best straight on
  • webcam is a keyboard button popout and weak. Besides facing your nostril, it's low res

I bought my 16 year old son one last year and use it often myself for productivity (word, PowerPoint etc), watching Netflix, YouTube, and browsing. It's fantastic and high quality at this price.

Here's the 8gb, 10th gen intel (2020) version at £423. We have the 8gb one and as long as you don't intend to do intense tasks regularly like video editing or 20+ chrome tabs at once, it runs smoothly. It's designed for everyday casual use. It updated a few months back to Windows 11 and is now much nippier. There is likely the 11th gen Intel (2021) so do search but they're not that different - where it says i5-10 the "10" is the generation and you can Google when it was released. 2022 is the year of 12th gen intel but very few have arrived yet and they will be more expensive. I believe this model comes in AMD Ryzen too and they are usually better.

HUAWEI MateBook D 15.6'' Laptop, Full View 1080P FHD Ultrabook PC- (Intel Core i5-10210U, Multi-screen Collaboration, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Windows 10 Home, FREE Upgrade to Windows 11), Grey Amazon product
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