spec me a 32 or 37" LCD


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im thinking of buying an LCD or plasma, im looking at 32 or 37" as the lounge isnt really big enough for a 42", but im clueless about the 2 technologies, so can you recommend some sets for me to look at? Budget is around £1000:smashin:


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i take it then that no-one can?:eek:


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Hi Matty, I'm going to be swapping an LG plasma tonight and I'm fairly sure that I'll be going for a Samsung 40" LCD which cost in Curry's £1200 but I'm fairly sure you could get it online for nearer your price mark. I'm not totally definate until I've been back in store and had another good look around. I've noticed a few people asking for advice on sets (including me) lately so what I'll do is some time tomorrow once I've had chance to have a fiddle around with whatever I buy I'll put a post up saying what I think of my new purchase. It won't be too detailed as I don't know too much about them but I guess something along the lines of I'm happy or not will do.


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hi mattym.
At the weekend i got a Toshiba 32WL66.Amazing.Has great pic and sound,looks stylish and lots of input choices.Great price.
I have xbox360 with component at 720p and looks fantistic.This Tv will go upto 1080i and can be set with VGA to its screen resolution(lot of people use vga to link up their pc)Also Freeview is as good if not better than my old sony 29"crt.
If you search around the Toshiba 32WLT66 are available at £569.
37" model is also available.
I had originally wanted to get a sony 40W but my room is to small plus the £1500 is way out of my price range.My friend who is a Manager at comet called and offered me the Toshiba at £440(staff discount+ the WL66 had been discontinued and replaced by the WLT66 ,which is same set but with freeview built in),after reading reviews and other peoples feedback it was to good an offer to turn down.
Until now i had always waited and waited.Glad i got one,the HD picture quality really is something.


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thanks for the feedback gents

best regards


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