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Just recently purchased an IMac. Although I like the idea of internal speakers for tidiness, they do not produce the best sound. I know this is a bit back to front but I just ordered a pair of JBL Duet III. Anyone have these? If so what are they like?



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There were a few threads on the subject of speakers for the Mac - such as this one.

EDIT: perhaps you're the first with the JBL?


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ive had the creature II speakers for a few years now and i think they sound great. i thought i was going to have to get rid of them recently because i wanted to get some wireless speakers which was going to cost me a few hundred quid, but then someone said to me why don't you just buy an airport express as it will make virtually any speakers wireless (and a printer as well), so thats what i am going to do tomorrow. so i am really happy as i only have to spend £79 on the airport express and i can keep my creature speakers, which i am really glad as i really like the sound of them, they sound better than my £650 denon CD player system.

i dont know how the creature II and III compare sound wise but i definitely like the look and build quality of the creature II better. but at £49 for the creature III's you cant go wrong as they seem to get good reports.


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The DAC in the airport express really isnt up to much so if your speakers don't accept an optical input id be cautious of using an airport express

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