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Speakers - Worth me upgrading from Videologic Digitheatre DTS to Mission M30i setup?


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Some time ago I bought myself a Videologic Digitheatre DTS Speaker system.

(It actually sat in the box for a year as I bought it as a bargain and only about 18 months ago did I get it all set up)

It's been working perfect with my Xbox (now Xbox360) and via my PC when I show a movie on my home cinema projector.

To me, it sound superb.
It goes very LOUD if you want it. (about half way round the volume dial it very nice!)
Looks great (small and black)
So it pretty much looks and performs fine.

However, I'm aware, it probably could be bettered if I spent more money.

Size wise is the biggest issue.

After MUCH looking around I have found this Cinema Speaker Package: Mission M30i


(I'm not saying buy from these people, just here's a pic/spec of the system)

The Satellites, Centre and sub are ALL exactly the right size and look that would suit my needs perfectly.

I understand then I would have to splash out another £300 (ish) for an AMP as I would want at least 1 coax input and 3 optical inputs.

This puts my package price in the £600 to £700 catagory for everything.

Hmmmmmm, so I'm wondering.
Is there any point in Selling my Digitheatre DTS which works and (at the moment) sounds fine, for very little.
And blowing out £700 to replace it with this (above) system.

Apart form more inputs (on the amp) which will be handy.
Would it actually sound that much better than what I currently have?

I'd hate to spend that much and think, well, It kinda sounds a bit better I suppose.

As I said, I really like those M30i speakers. They will fit exactly right in my room layout.
The AMP I'm fully open to suggestions on.

I don't need/want a radio in the amp (dunno why they keep fitting them to be honest)
Not sure if I need an AV amp or just a sound amp.

So, any thoughts on any of the above would be VERY welcome and much appreciated. :thumbs:

========= EDIT===========

Just found some user reviews on the satellites (which form part of this package) and they seem to get a major thumbs up.

==== Another Edit ====

Yet, the reviews of my old? Videologic system still sound good with 9 out of 10 for sound quality.


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I use my digitheatre in my bedroom now.
It was my main setup before I upgraded.
I too, thought it was great and also very loud :smashin:
But the reality is, it's poor.
The volume comes from the harmonics and distortion.
I used to use mine at 3/4 level while I had a bath upstairs and you could hear it about 100ft down the street :thumbsdow (only weekends).
With my present system, which includes an SVS sub, I can play it louder.
The difference is, you can barely hear it on my doorstep :smashin:

In short, if you can afford the £700, then I'd say do it, without a doubt :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the advice.

Would you (or anyone else) care to recommend a nice (not silly money) amp to power and do justice to the above Mission speaker system?


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I have to agree with Badger, the difference will probably be night and day. While loud may seem good a lot of it is distortion. With a better quality setup you will hear so much more detail.

I am sure you will be impressed but why not see if you can demo something similiar to get an idea of the difference. :smashin:

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