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Speakers without sub. 5.0...


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Is this a viable option temporarily, basically i want a nice speaker setup but i have my heart set on an svs cylinder sub, however i dont think i can handle spending all that cash in one go.

Is it okay to go for just speakers first without a sub?


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Yes it is, as long as you consider you are missing out on a big chunk when it comes to films.
It really should be a high priority though.
Of course, it all depends on the speakers you buy and how low they go, as too how much exactly you'll be missing.


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Hi Anderzz

I'd second that. I ran my system without a subwoofer for a couple of years. If you have a half decent amp and speaker package you'll be fine. Just remember to switch the sub off on the amplifier.

Regards. Shane.


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Thanks for the replies guys.

I was gonna buy an onkyo 605 amp. then was considering the SVS 5.1 package on deal thread. (minus sub)

Room i plan on putting them in is narrow at 5.36m long and 2.5m wide.

Guess saving for a sub is a huge factor, which i thought it would be tbh. But its nice to know that i can run speakers 5 ways without the sub first for as short as poss


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If you really must do away with the sub, which IMHO, isn't a great idea, then I wouldn't start with the SVS SBS-01 and I'm a fan.

As a small sealed speaker, they've been specifically designed by SVS (a sub manufacturer remember) to roll off at 80Hz, precisely where a sub would nominally take over. They're part of a speaker/sub system and if you don't treat them as such, you'll end up missing more than just sub-bass.

I'd recommend looking at some nominally full range packages like the Wharfdale Evo package here or some such like.



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Whilst I agree with Russ.Will, it all depends on how temporary you're talking about, IMO.
If we're talking a good while, I'd go with Russ.
Monitor audio are another shout in that sense.

But if it's very short term, you could do a lot worse than the SVS. They work very well with any SVS sub in my experience.
But then, I openly admit to being somewhat biased :)
My PB13 Ultra arrives on tuesday :thumbsup: :rotfl:

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