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I have a new (second hand) av amp that I’m currently connecting to two floor stand speakers. The floor stands have four connections each and the amp, like my last amp, only have two for each speaker so as with my old amp have to cram two into each speaker connector on my amp.

having to reconnected the speakers to my new amp, it’s illustrated how painful this is and now I have an amp with banner clip connectors wondering whether now is the time to get some.

My question is are there special banana clips for this or would it work ok with any banana clip? Or do I even need to use all four connections on my speakers? I would assume I’d lose something if I only connected two?


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The speakers "should" have jumper bars on the terminals. If you look carefully at the speaker connection plates you should see a pair of terminals marked HF (high frequency) and LF (low frequency). If the jumper bars are fitted, you only need one set of wires.

However, if no jupmer bars are fitted (or missing) you can make you own jumpers using a coupl of short lengths of your speaker wire, or some other wire of similar thickness to your speaker wire.

You need to link the LF Plus (Red) terminal to the HF plus (Red) terminal with a piece of wire. Then you need to link the LF Minus (Black) terminal to the HF Minus (BlacK) terminal. Repeat this for the other speaker.

Then you can connect your single speaker cable to each speaker. Do not cross over the wires or you will blow your amp!


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Ah thanks, annoyingly I think there were some metal plates like you describe that years and years ago I recall removing and god knows where they are now


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You can buy bridging cables, or make your own. Spade to banana works well


If your speaker wire has bare wire ends and you have the slack then just cut a couple of inches off each one, strip the ends and use that. Banana to spade is nice, but bare wire works just as well.

Failing that, just pick up a meter of any speaker cable on ebay or amazon.
You can get pre-made bridge cables but there's really no need to spend large sums.

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