speakers with Denon 3802


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Thinking of upgrading to Denon 3802 amp but haven't got a clue what speakers/sub to go for. Budget is far from infinite and 'domestic' reasons dictate a fairly discrete set-up. Any suggestions for speaker type and cost which will be worthy of the Denon?


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Have a look at the Kef Q range or maybe the B&W Series 3 range, also missions too


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Gallo's Micro Nucleus 'ball' speakers should be fairly discrete and come in a range of finishes. They can be floor, desk or wall mounted, image like nothing else and don't sound bad. But you'd need a sub as they are satelite speakers. Gallo's MPS-150 seems to be well regarded here, also consider REL or Velodyne subs.

I'd also second the vote for B&Ws range. Also look at Wharfedale Pacific Evo series.


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I am getting an almost-new Denon 3802 this week which I intend to sell immediately, however I will have a quick listen with my B&W 600 series + REL Q100E setup and let you know what I think. The B&W's are very neutral and since the Denon is (apparently) fairly uninspiring in 2-channel mode I don't expect too much.

It's by no means a bad combo though - the 602's are great! If you find the Denon is lacking somewhat when used for listening to music you can always add a decent integrated/power amp later on (NAD c350/c370 etc).

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