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Speakers to pair with Marantz CD502 DAB - Minipod?


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Hello all.

I am going to purchase the above all in one unit and wanted to know what what be good book shelf speakers.

Essentially, my Wife loves the Minipod from Scandyna.....is this going to be a good match? She hates the boxy boxy book shelf speakers..............

I know that I can get cheaper speakers, like the Tannoy F1, but as 'compromises' go is this going to be any good?

Is there a point where the better speakers will simply not show up on such basic system.

Thanks in advance.



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It doesn't look like anyone is that familiar with the Scandyna speakers. I have two pair of the Minipods, one in Black, the other in the Lucient/Blue. They used to be much more popular before they priced themselves out of the market.

I purchased the Black pair for $250USD several years ago and the Lucient/Blue pair for $275USD about 4 months later. I think now you they start at over $500USD and go as high as $900USD. They are just not that great of a speaker. The original B&W versions with their fiberglass cabinets may be worth a little more money, but the current ABS versions just don't cut it.

Like your wife, I really like the style which is a spinoff of the B&W Nautilus Series speakers which minimize internal standing waves. They use quality drivers, but in the grand scheme of things Audio, they just don't sound that good. OK for $300/pr, but marginal for any more than that.

I've look on ebay in the US and prices start at $450/pair not iincluding the shipping. The Cinepod center starts at $400. I searched ebays "completed auctions" to see how many actually are purchased. What I found is the speakers put on auction by individuals for much less money were bought, but rarely did anyone buy the $450/pr speakers.

I like the minipods, they sound OK and are a good conversation starter, but they would never be a speaker I would use in a serious 2ch system.


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thanks Kfalls...

all good info......

thing is, with my system i.e the Marantz CD502, is this considered a good enough system to match the speakers with. What I mean is, if I had some Wharefdale 10.1 for example would this sound much better, or is it just marginal?

The minipods on Ebay seems to go for between £180-£240......as the Wharedales are about £200 or less. I will wall mount the minipods so will need the bespoke wall bracket as [email protected] £90......



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